It’s a great time to re-pot your houseplants. If your houseplants have not been repotted in a while (over a year), it's a good time to move them into a larger pot. The general rule of thumb we use when repotting plants is to increase the pot size 30-40%. For example, if your plant is currently in a 10" pot, we'd recommend moving to a 14" pot; a 12" pot to a 16" pot and so on. The type of soil you use is very important, and will be a leading factor in how well your plant grows. A potting soil is best for most houseplants. We recommend a high quality potting soil such as Coast of Maine Premium Potting Soil. Don't be surprised if your plant drops a few leaves after repotting. Any drastic change to a plant will cause it to go into shock to some degree. Fertilize with the appropriate food and provide needed care and the plant will bounce back healthier than ever.