Want to know what it's like to shop at Country Flower Farms?
Just ask our Customers!

Excellent plants, very beautiful place to visit. Owners and staff are very quick to answer any and all questions.
— Lori C.
Enormous and full of beautiful flowers and herbs...I’ve only had my own home garden for three seasons now but came to Country Flower Farms with my Mom who has gardened for over thirty years...needless to say we were both extremely impressed! We will definitely be returning!
— Colleen C.
I have been visiting Country Flower Farms for a couple of years. I always leave with a truck bed full of beauty. Its always a fun trip surrounded by all the happy plants and let’s not forget the staff....very knowledgeable and friendly, no question is too silly!
— Beth D.
Country Flower Farms is nothing short of wonderful. The place is bursting of brilliant colors, variety and beauty. If I want something unexpected to add to my garden, such as a bleeding heart, they have it. If I have questions or wish to learn more about pruning or new plant varieties, they have helpful staff and free seminars. Country Flower Farms will always be my favorite nursery!
— Lisa M.
I was wowed by this place, inside and out!
— Anthony P.
Country Flower Farms, you have been in my life since I got married in 1998. You introduced me to the no-kill hostas. I would bring in clippings from around my yard and you would tell me what they were. And to my surprise my giant pretty weed was a lilac bush. As my kids got older I planted my Earth Day packets from John Lyman School. And took care of the veggie plants over the Summer to give to the elderly. I still have my first oregano plant growing back every year. Thanks for making me the gardener I am.
— Jlyn F.
This will be our 12th year coming to CFF. You have a fantastic and knowledgable staff. Our yard has trees, shrubs, roses and flowers from CFF. Most importantly you introduced us to heirloom tomatoes and your tomato selection gets bigger every year.
— Sean K.
I love shopping at Country Flower Farms every plant I have ever gotten here has grown beautifully I can always depend upon you for all my garden needs.
— Karen S.
I started visiting CFF with my mom when I was young, helping her pick out flowers for our yard. Now I have my own yard and she helps me. Plus we love your cats. Also, my husband and I look forward to spring every year to see what we can add to our garden from your farm. Sometimes we go just for fun. It’s relaxing and the staff is always friendly.
— Taryn S.
You have the BEST plants, we always go home with something we love!!!
— Pam M.
I’ve been shopping at CFF since you opened and have been amazed at the way you keep growing and improving! You have a wonderful selection of annuals and perennials, cacti, hanging plants, and trees and shrubs. ... Love your classes - I attended the orchid, hydrangea and terrarium classes - and found them so helpful. And you have the best staff ever!!
— Donna P.
I love your place I always have the best flowers and veggies. So looking forward to this year.
— Sandy D.
When I’m feeling down, I just take a drive to Country Flower Farms and stroll up and down the aisles, taking in all the beautiful, fragrant plants, and before I know it, all is right with the world. Thank you CFF!
— Patty C.
I love your shop and have been a customer for many years. I have enjoyed working on a variety of school gardening projects where CFF has donated seeds, plant and decorations for fair booths. CFF is a fantastic community partner. Proud to be a longtime customer. Can’t wait to start my next gardening project in 2015.
— Susan J.

Do you shop at Country Flower Farms?

I’m not exaggerating when I say ALL the plants I’ve been looking for - you supplied.
— Gail T.
I have been purchasing our plants annuals and perennials since we moved to middletown more than 10 years ago. Now our children love coming for vegetable plants, feeding the fish, and looking for your kitties. Thank you for your beautiful business and being part of our community. So lucky to have you in our backyard.
— Jennifer S.
I’ve been in the area for 2 years now and this is my “go to” garden center. Excellent variety, including hard to find variety of ornamental and edible plants.
— Lee D.
I have a 17ft by 10ft garden and all my flowers and perennials came from Country Flower Farms, the people are there to help you when ever you need it and they always have smiles on their faces. They do what ever they can to make your visit the best that it can be and that’s the reason that Country Flower Farms is the best nursery in Connecticut. Cheryl and Paul know what they’re doing and they’re always there. Only thing I know is I will never stop going there ever, thank you.
— Laurie R.
When I come to your nursery I need an entire afternoon to browse. SO much to see and new things to purchase. Every shrub and rose that I bought thrived ! Last year I was excited by so many veg plants that we put in two more raised beds because I loaded up my jeep with veg plants.
— Sandra J.
You carry perennials that the box stores don’t and if you don’t have something you have ordered it for me.
— Lynnette L.
I’ve been going to Country Flower Farms for years and now bring my grandchildren. Love the unusual annuals you carry and the pond! Actually what’s not to like!
— Patti N.
When I lived in New York with my Mom she and I would always go to garden centers together. When I moved to Connecticut after college I missed being home. I kept driving around the area and then I found your store. I remember everyone being super friendly and I bought geraniums for my apartment and a huge tree hibiscus. I called my Mom and told her I found my Connecticut garden center so I’d be ok here.
— Jennifer M.
Every year for at least the past 20, I always stop here on my way to the shore. And if I’m not heading to the shore to stay, I like to visit anyway. Always great stuff for all seasons!
— Jody D.
My three sisters drive from southern CT for my birthday in April and we spend the afternoon at Country Flower Farms. They buy me herbs and perennials for my birthday and quite a stick for their own gardens. It is a wonderful birthday present!
— Ann S.
Country flower farms has been our garden center since we purchased our home 8 years ago. It wouldn’t be summer without beautiful annuals that you grow in your own greenhouses and the wonderful tomatoes and veggies that we grow from the plants we purchase from you. The kids love coming to feed the fish and pet the kitties and the hay rides in the fall. Thank you for your wonderful plants and personal staff.
— Jennifer S.
Great selection of healthy beautiful plants, flowers, shrubs and gardening supplies! Become friends on Facebook with them and watch for specials. Staff so helpful and personable!
— Peggy R.